Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post 13

[Last Chapters of the book pages 291-363]

Quote that describes Frank at age 15, almost 16: "I don't know why Mrs. O'Connell had to shame me before the whole world, and I don't think I'm too good for the post office or anything else. How could I with my hair sticking up, pimples dotting my face, my eyes red and oozing yellow, my teeth crumbling with the rot, no shoulders, no flesh on my arse after cycling thirteen thousand miles to deliver twenty thousand telegrams to every door in Limerick and regions beyond"(338).

Key Events of the Last chapters:
-Frank has his job at the post office delivering telegrams until he decides to work some place else, the place to deliver Protestant papers
-since Frank is 16, he gets his first pint from his uncle and gets drunk
-Frank hits his mom when he was drunk
-Frank goes to the priest to admit to his wrong doing (hitting his mom, having sex with Theresa, masterbating)
-Angela gets a job working for a rich family and Malachy works in a rich school
-Frank starts earning a lot of money and leaves Ireland to go to America and is kind of sad he is leaving

Important Quote:
Officer in America says, “Isn’t this a great country altogether?” (362).
Frank replies, "'Tis" (363) ('Tis. is the only word in chapter XIX and is also the title to Frank McCourt's next book.

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