Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 Post 1

Part 1 pg 94-150

Shortly after Dave joins the foster home, the county gives him $127 to buy clothes with. Lilian, his foster mom and him got to the store and buy all the clothes they can. Dave is so happy because he has never had untorn clothes that were his. When he gets home he rushes to his room and lays out all the clothes with excitement. He then puts them in his drawers, reorganizing them many times. After he is done, Lilian and him have lunch. he is so happy, when all of a sudden his mom and brothers comes to the foster home. On their way in his brothers pushes over his bike and wrecks it. After stopping by for a few minutes they leave and his mom says, " Just wanted to drop by. Remember, David, I will be checking in on you from time to time, be good," and they leave. Dave gets so angry after she leaves and gets really sad. He tells Lilian the rest of him story about how at night he got so cold and she wouldn't give him a blanket, how she would make him eat poop and how one time she 'accidentally" stabbed him. Lilian had no idea it was this bad. She tells him that he needs to get help and tells him it's all going to be alright. The next day Dave remembers what happened to his bike and wants to get it fixed but doesn't have any money. Lilian tells him if he does chores he can earn money for the bike and that's just what he does. He finally gets enough and Tony, Lilian's son brings him to the bike shop. On August 21, 1973, when Dave's bike gets fixed, it is the best day of his life. The whole rest of the day he rides up and down the street many times. He feels like a normal kid again.
For a while, Dave's days consist of biking to the park, parking his bike and spending the day there. One day after coming home from the park, Larry, a bully kid in the foster home is very mean to Dave and another boy. Dave stands up for them and they end of getting in a big fight. They ended it but Larry said to Dave he better watch out. Later in the week Dave, and John, another foster child go on a bike ride past Dave's old house. Dave's mom sees them and calls Lilian right away. She is VERY mad. She tells them both they are to go to their room and are grounded.
Dave starts seeing a psychiatrist. He is very mean to Dave and Dave HATES him. They do not get along and the psychiatrist makes Dave feel like shit. Dave leaves his meeting and finally blows off the steam. After a couple days Lilian tells Dave his dad is coming to see him at 7 the next morning. Dave is co excited and couldn't wait. That morning Dave gets up and waits for a couple hours for his dad. He never shows and Dave gets really sad. Dav wonders why his dad never came.

Auhor Biography.

David James Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960 in California. His dad died when he was young and his mom abused him so much it was conceterted one of the worst cases of child abuse. When he was 12, his teachers found out and contacted the police. From there he was sent to live in a foster home till age 18. Dave is now 46 and has written many bestseller books. He is a very inspiring person to others that have lived with abuse.
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