Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 2

Week 2 : pg. 63-93

10 Loaded Words and why they are a loaded word:
1. sick pg. 64 - talking about the mom that has major problems and is very mean
2.brave pg 65- shows that the boy does not have fear and is okay with what is going to come up
3.abusing pg 65 - shows the boy is not just getting hurt but is getting VERY hurt
4. love pg 66 - shows that the boy had strong feelings for the person he is talking about
5. starving pg 70 - the boy is not just hungry, but has gone for a long time without food
6. hunting pg 72 - this word can have a lot of feelings toward it because some people think hunting it bad and some think it's fun to do
7. freedom pg 74 - shows that the boy is freed from his mother and won't have to be with her again
8. popular pg 81- is saying that the person is very well liked by people
9.acceptance pg 83 - showing the boy is wanting the other kids to like him and be nice to him
10. foster home pg 83 - shows that the boy is not living with his birth parents

Dave and Mrs. Gold are on there way to the trial to see if Dave will go back with his mom and brothers or to a foster home. Dave is really scared and thinks that he will end up going back with his mom. When they get to the court room Dave writes his mom a little note saying he is sorry for everything but she just rips it up. The trial starts, when the judge tells the mom to say her side she doesn't want to speak. Then from there, the judge asks Dave what he wants and he says "You, sir! I want to live with you! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to tell! I didn't mean to cause any trouble!" So from there Dave goes to a foster home and says bye to his mother. David starts living with Aunt Mary's with new "brothers and sisters" and brought to a new school. Then he switched to live with Mrs. Catanze who is very nice to him and he likes her a lot. He starts to think he will have a better life,

I am very happy that Dave won the trial. Even though he is kind of sad that he is just leaving the family and not know what is going to happen, it is good for him. He never did anything wrong and does not need to feel like he did. I am excited to see how things in the foster home goes and if he will ever see his mom again.

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Jenna said...

Jennifer I think your responses have been really well done. They are very perceptive and insightful. They included a lot of information that coincided the summary and the emotions of the main characters as well. I think that you show mediocer depth in your reactions. To improve your blogs I think that you should try to come to have more of an emotional connection with the book and that would make your reactions better. But overall I think your doing exquisite job.