Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 1-Memior

Pages #1-59 The Lost Boy By: Dave Pelzer

Summary- The Lost Boy starts off when Dave, a 9 year old boy, is at home with his abusive mother and family. He tells about the ways this mom abuses him, for example makes him clean the bathroom with cleaning products, makes him sleep in the garage, and gives him no food. One day his mom got so mad, she told him to leave the house so he ran away. After awhile the police found him and Dave's dad put an act on for the police making up a lie how Dave was just mad at him mom, so the police made him go back home. Soon enough, his teachers saw his bruises and torn clothes and turned Dave into the police.
Once Dave gets to the police station, the police asked him many questions about what has been happening and then brought him to the hospital to get checked out. From there, the police took him to Aunt Mary, the lady that runs a foster home, for Dave to stay for awhile. Then Dave meets his social worker, Mrs. Gold, who was going to help him with his court case coming up. While being with her, Dave's mother comes to see Dave which makes him feel more scared about the whole situation because she was very mean to him. Finally the section ends with Dave feeling very scared about what is going to happen next.

Reactions- From the beginning of the book I have felt VERY bad for Dave. I think his mom has huge problems to be doing the stuff she does to her kid. When Dave got away from his family I was so happy and glad. It makes me sad though when Dave thinks he deserves getting hurt and that he did something wrong when it happens. I really hope that Dave will be able to get away from his family forever.

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