Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 5 Post 2

pg. 191-252

Dave has been taken out of his foster home for his bad decisions and because the school thinks he started a fire in a classroom. He is on his way to the San Mateo County Juvenile Hall and is very nervous. He gets into his cold cell and changes into the smelly clothes they provided. Dave feels very strange being at the juvie center and keeps quiet and to himself. One day, Dave finds out he has his first visitor. He is very excited to see who it could be. It ended up being his father. While his father was there, he was very mean to Dave. He was saying that Dave is causing all different problems and him going to juvie is hurting the family greatly. He also finds out that his mom wants his dad to sign papers that will move Dave to a crazy person institution. Dave is so sad and wants to curl up and cry. After his father leaves, Lilian shows up to see Dave. He is so happy. Lilian asks Dave everything about what his father said and tells him that if his mother comes, he can't see her. Dave's mother has been telling lies to a whole lot of people to get Dave into a crazy person institution. She tells Dave that he is to act very good and make good desicions so he can go back into the foster home after the trial. The day of the trial comes and the final ruling says Dave has to stay in juvie for 100 days. It ended up being 34 days until he got out and he was so excited to go home. When he gets home though, all the other kids feel very weird around him.
Sadly, one day a social worker came to Lilian's house, where Dave was staying and told him that his time in that home was up. Dave felt so sad and all he could do was cry. Dave loved the guardians he was staying with but had to say goodbye. They tried for a while to find a home for Dave but they were all filled up. Dave ended up having to stay in a house that was very full and had to sleep on the couch till they found a new home. After moving around to a couple foster homes, the social worker finally found on that Dave could stay in. It was different from all the other ones, because the guardians were African American. Dave thought they seemed like very nice people. Dave started at a new school where he met a new friend, Carlos. They became good friends and one day decided to walk down the street to Dave's old school. Surprisingly, when Dave gets to the school he see' someone he thought he never would, it was his brother. They didn't have much time to talk because his brother had to go back to class but they decided to meet each other the next day. After school, Dave and Carlos walk to the other school to see him. When they spot him and call his name he didn't answer and just walked away. Dave was very confused, until he saw-his mother. Extremely scared, Dave saw that his mom saw him and didn't know what to do. He started to run and his mom ran after him. He ran out the building and through the street. While going through the street, a car came and hit Dave. He was hurt but had to get up and get away from mother. Before he got up, he saw his mother run to her car and speed off. He didn't know what she was going to do so he ran home. When he got home he heard his new parents in the kitchen and a lot of people talking. Later that night, Dave found out that his new foster father was being charged for rape and all the kids had to leave. There was no place else to go, except back to the juvie center. Dave was not sure what was going to happen next.

I had many mixed reactions while reading his section of the book. I feel very bad for Dave once I find out the police thinks he started the fire because I know he didn’t. It makes me very sad also when I find out he has to go to the juvie center. As a 12 year old boy, I know he was very scared and I didn’t know what was going to happen to him. It made it worse when Dave’s father comes to see him because he makes him feel so bad. When Lilian comes to see Dave I became happy again because I know Dave cares for her a lot. But when I found out his mom wants to put him in an institution I just want to scream. Dave had done nothing wrong and his mom should be going to the institution. As I read the rest of the section, I enjoyed it a great deal because I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I like how it describes a lot of detail but at some parts I feel it was made up because I don’t know how Dave could have remembered everything that happen. I am excited to see what happens next and to find out what foster home he will get homed into.


Matt Norris said...

Level of insight: 9/10; not sure how we are supposed to comment on this, but it looks like you have a nice, in depth summary.

Blog Comments: Good job on keeping up with the seem to have the only blog in our class (other than mine) that has completed all posts through week 5! Maybe change the font to being a little more bold / visible?

Things to improve: None yet that I see

shehickey said...

Overall great job jen! I think that you do a great job of recalling everything that happened in your reading. Also way to post ontime and I really like the format of your blog!