Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4 Post2

pg. 151-187

Dave is starting to feel out of place and wants to have more attention. He starts stealing from a local store to get more attention for the kids at school. One day, a kid at school asks him to steal a toy plane from the store and Dave says he will. He goes into the store, takes it and goes out. When he goes out, the kid, Johnny, that asked him to steal it and his dad, the manager of the store, come out and Dave got caught. He was so mad because he feel into the tramp of the kids. His foster home mom was very dissapointed and grounded him for two weeks. He started to make better desicions until one day at school this kid asks him to help him with a plan. The plan was to pop the teachers tires. He accepted but once he popped one of the tires he decides to stop and go home. The next day, Dave said sorry for "chickening" out. John, the leader of the gang that makes the plans, asks Dave can keep gaurd while he starts a fire in a class room. Dave said he will just watch but when the fire starts he trys to put it out. A student at the school saw Dave trying to put out the fire and thought he was starting the fire so he got introuble. People wouldn't believe that it wasn't him. He foster mom was very dissapointed again and talks to Dave to see what is going on with him making bad decisions. Because of the bad choices being mad, Dave is going to be sent to Hillcrest,a juive center.

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