Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4 Post1

pg. 151-187

"David, you're a little boy-excuse me, a 12-year-young man-who's a little confused, thinks too much about some things and not enough about other things. I know you much have had to think ahead a great deal in order to survive, but you need to turn that off. You may never find your answers, and I don't want your past to tear you up." pg. 166 of "The Lost Boy" by Dave Pelzer
This quote is important in the book because it is saying how Dave is having problems while being in the foster home and is thinking about doing bad things and not sure what is going on with his life. His attorney is telling him that he has to forget about what happened in the past or it's going to make him more sad and bring him down. Mostly, this qoute is saying he has to start over with the good and that is the main point of the book, starting over in a foster home. It stuck with me as important because I really want Dave to start over and be happy.

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