Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 1-Post A

RX By: Tracy Lynn
read pages 0 - 42


barricaded pg.18- to shut in and defend with or as if with a barricade

ritalin pg.23-a brand of methylphenidate in its hydrochloride form

Figurative Language:

metaphor: "The smell of them took me on the short, fast trip from dreaming about something good to wakefulness to realization that i had fallen asleep when i had meant to study." pg. 14...This passage in the book is saying that the smell was like a trip of different thoughts she was having.

imagery: "Suze was the really beautiful one, theatrical and dark-haired, with very light brown eyes and perfect red lips." pg. 6...This passage is using one of the five senses:sight. While reading the reader is able to image what the girl looks like without even seeing a picture.

personification: "They can't make you fly, but they can make you feel like you do." pg. 29...In this sentence of the book, the main character is talking about drugs and is giving them human like characteristics-saying they can make you feel like you were flying.


"Me, who the moment he was out the door was down on my hands and knees scrabbling for the bottle and then shoving in into my pocket." pg. 26

This quote has a big significance towards this book. Thyme the main character is a drug dealer and deals prescription drugs to her fellow class mates. This quote is important because it shows the first time she gets a hold of drugs to sell and how she gets them in the first place- she stole them from a friend that has ADHD.


Being a smart person doesn't mean one can't get themselves into bad situations.

Thyme Gilcrest is an honors student. Thyme Gilcrest is popular. Thyme Gilcrest is on student council. Thyme Gilcrest is a drug dealer. (back cover of book)

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