Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 1-Post B

Dear Tracy Lynn,
When I saw your novel at Barnes and Noble I thought it seemed very interesting and looked like I fun read. I thought that since I was a high school girl I would be able to compare myself to the main character, Thyme. After reading the first 42 pages I thought some parts were good and some parts didn’t have enough detail. I like how you described each character with a lot of detail so you can visualize them, Example: “Lida (rhymes with weed-a, perfect for her current incarnation as perpetually mellow chronic) had large, wide-set eyes and long black lashes that made her always look sleepy, cool, or sarcastic…” (pg 6) But also in the first 42 pages, I don’t think there is much going on (not a lot of exciting plot). Yeah- the characters go to a party and the main character finds her first prescription drugs to take but there is nothing interesting happening in those events. I am excited to keep reading just so I get to the main conflict and see what happens with her whole dealing experience and if she ever learns the right thing to do. I am also curious to see if her high school is a lot like the one I attend or completely different. I think that this book would be better if it was non-fiction so it was more believable but I will let you know what I think when it is all done.
Your Reader,
Jennifer Terwilliger

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