Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2-Post A

pg. 43-75

(pg 43) regurgitate- to give back or repeat, esp. something not fully understood or assimilate
(pg 60) inhibitions- Something that restrains, blocks, or suppresses
"But I couldn't stop thinking about the Xanax in my mom's cabinet." (pg 74) This quote is significant because all she thinks about is drugs now and it is distracting from her school work. She starts gathering all types of drugs to use/sell where ever she can find them.
Emerging Theme.
"Der. Like I could actually fool the two people here who had known me the longest." (pg 65) The theme in this section of the novel is that you should not lie to your friends because they will know when your lying and the situation will just get worse.
Figurative Language.
1. "In the gloom of the dead sunset she was almost noir, like she could pull a cigarette out of a case and light it..."(pg 49)----personification is used because sunsets can't die
2."She plopped down on the couch like a a tired worker." (pg 49) ---- simile because like is being used to compare Thyme to a tired worker.
3."The moment Genevieve made me her reliable, safe source of prescription happiness, it was like silent signals hummed and vibrated throughout the fucked-up set of overachievers."(pg 75)---a simile is used because "like" is comparing two things

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