Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2- Post B

Thyme Gilcrest before selling drugs and after starting----
Thyme is a Junior at her school, Ashebury High. She is in the "The Twenty" group. This is a group for the 20 students with the highest GPA. She has two really good friends and other than that shes not in a big "group" that she hangs out with. She doesn't know a lot of people and a lot of people don't know her. (pg 5) "But if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't really have had any place in the school hierarchy." She always gets her work down on time and is studying most of her weekend. Even though she is a honor student and on student council, she really has to work hard to get good grades. She likes a guy Will, who she is always trying to find ways to talk to him.
After selling/doing drugs for a couple weeks:
Thyme started off by doing Ritalin. She took it before studying and before she takes a test. This Ritalin helps her a lot and makes her study and concentrate a lot more. (pg 67) "I'm taking them because I need them to study." After taking it for a while she runs out and becomes a very depressed girl. She says she is going "cold turkey" and doing so made her have no energy and not want to talk to anyone. She soon becomes to the point were she thinks she NEEDS it and buys pills from a classmate for $10 a pill. Also after starting dealing pills she thinks she is helping a lot of people. She starts diagnosing many students with the special "cure" they need and this makes her become more popular. Many students ask HER when they need something to help them, (pg 73) "So, you don't happen to have any... sleep aids, do you? Or like, anxiety aids." She also started making bad decisions when she decides to take her mom's Xanax and her mom's friend's Prozac. She starts feeling in control of everyone and more excepted.
But what will happen if she keeps doing and selling drugs.......

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