Thursday, November 29, 2007


Types of Debates:
1. abortions: for and against. occur all over; purpose is to see if they should be allowed; it is a structured debate; it makes the decision making hard because there are many cons and pros
2. curfew times: occur between parents and their kids and with police; the purpose of the debate is to decided on curfew times; the kids of the parents want to get a higher curfew to make them happier; it is usually an unstructured debate; it makes the decision process easier
3.legalizing marijuana: occurs in the US and different countries; debate if it should be legalized or not; helps make a better decision because they can see different peoples views on the subject; it is structured; makes the decision making important because it's a big topic
4. gay marriage rights: occurs in many stats; to see if gays can get married in a church; if it is allowed its good for the gays and not it's good for the people against the subject;structured in the government; makes the decision tough because human rights are really involved

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