Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4- Post B

When I read the back cover of RX by: Tracy Lynn, I though it was going to be very interesting and keep me reading. It talked about a honor student that is a drug dealer and helps her friends by dealing them drugs. After I got past the first few chapters that were setting up the setting and telling me about the main character, Thyme and her friends the book was already getting less interesting. It was talking about Thyme being a really hard worker and saying how she always wants to stay home on the weekends and study. She found out that Ritalin, an ADHD pill would help her focus so she started taking them. When I heard that she was going to be doing drugs and drug dealing, I didn't think that it was just going to be taking pills to help her study, but more interesting drugs that had conflicts to them. Also in this book, there have been no conflicts with her getting caught or any other events that I thought would be taking place. I am 150 pages into the book and all that has happened is: she studies a lot, starts liking a boy-Will, takes ADHD pills, sells some pills to classmates, takes the SAT and goes to one party. Among those events, nothing that wanted me to keep reading to see what happens next, happened. I want to stop reading this book and switch to another but I do not like giving up on a book until I read the whole thing. I will be very disappointed and not want to read anymore of Tract Lynn's books if this one ends as bad at it starts.

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