Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 5-Post A

Vocabulary Terms;
- pg 164 Contrite: caused by or showing sincere remorse
- pg 175 Catastrophic: a sudden and widespread disaster

Figurative Language;
1. "Will holding the door for me as it beeped and banged, wanting to close." -onomatopoeia because it is using imitation of a sound
2. "I don't know what happened to him this past summer, but he went from grunge to decked out as gracefully as an ice skater coming out of a triple axel." - simile because "as" is being used to compare two things
3. "My breath come out with little puffs of steam, like old-fashioned trains once might have at the Metro-North station we were meeting at." - simile because "like" is being used to compare to different things to one another.

"I was grinning too. He waited until me to do this. ME!." pg 168 This quote is significant because the guy that Thyme likes is starting to like her back so she is going to start being a very happy person I'm guessing.

Love takes time-this is one of the themes in this section. Thyme likes this guy, Will. She thought he would never like her and she didn't have a chance with him. But then one day he asked her out on a date and it was one of the best dates she has had with a guy. "Before I started devoting myself to getting into college 24/7, yes, I did date. And no, I had never been on one anything like this." pg 168

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