Thursday, December 20, 2007

Week 5-Post B

In this section of the book, a big event occurred. Thyme, the main character, found out that the boy, Will, she had been crushing on for sometime actually liked her. She had always thought that since he didn’t approach her and tell her that he liked that that meant he didn’t like her. When really all she had to do was confront him. This is showed when he says, “Uh, up until today, you’ve never really asked.” When she found out he liked her back she was really happy. After that incident occurred, Thyme had one of the best dates she has ever been on. They went to the valley where the Macy’s parade floats are blown up, a place where Will had always wanted to go. And he picked Thyme to do it with him. This is a turning point in the book because I think that Thyme will start being happier and not want to take pills anymore. Always I think that Will will have a good influence on her because he is a good person. I just hope something interesting will happen between them since nothing very exciting has happened in the book yet.

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