Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 6-Post A

pg. 187-217

pg 205- inevitably: unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary
pg 189-shibboleth: a word or phrase used to determine if the user is part of a group or an outsider

Figurative Language....
"My hands paused over the keyboard like a, I don't know, butterfly hovering over a flower, unsure whether to stay in the air or land." SIMILE-using like.
"In my uber-sorta-caffeinated state, the mall was almost as glittering as Fifth Avenue." PERSONIFICATION-the mall was not actually glittery but she gave it a person like characteristic
"Dave sidled up to me in the hall like a cartoony con man." SIMILE-using like

In the next moment the dectective-who'd seemed so tragic before-was going to point at me, shouting, "AND THERE SHE IS!" This is signifacted because it shows that her prescription drugs where found in the bathroom and that means they are going to be very suspisous and the school could find out it's hers. Now she is very worried about what is going to happen.

"A dream deferred" is a copout, an escape from blame.

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