Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 6-Post B

Throughout this book there has been a strong theme. That theme is, if one does something unlawful- they are most likely going to get caught. When Thyme started dealing out pills, she knew from the beginning that it was a bad idea. But now, more than ever, she is getting very nervous about getting caught and ruining her opportunities with different colleges. The first reason why she is nervous is because they found her tin that contained all of the pills. (119) Even though they don't know yet it's hers, she feels they will find out some how or that a school mate will rat her out as being a dealer. A second reason she is very worried is because another guy at school got caught with marijuana. (206) From these incidents that are occurring, Thyme is starting to wonder if this is all really worth it and thinking she might get caught. Maybe she will or maybe she won't but either way, it is still bad to be doing and could really hurt her future.

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