Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 7-Post A (Last Week)

pg. 218-262

[New Words]
pg 219. Aesthetically- according to aesthetics or its principles
pg 219. Desultorily- lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful
[Figurative Language]
1."The end of December and January are gray, heavily overcast days that feel like the cold version of a pressure cooker: Sounds are dampened and the sun can disappear for weeks." (simile-using like to compare the months to a pressure cooker.)
2. "Two weeks of Christmas Vacation are like longer versions of school days without the distraction of seeing your friends and with the bonus of seeing your parents more." (simile-using like to compare Christmas Vacation with school)
3."Will was away with his family at an aunt's, carefully monitored on one of the drunkest, most troublemaking days of the year. "It's like an intervention. With board games and relatives I hate." (simile-using like to compare his time with his family to an intervention)
"I react without thinking, my hand closing, stopping the pills from their downward roll into the water." pg 262 This is a significant quote because it is showing that Thyme is finally done dealing drugs.
What people are like on the outside, doesn't mean they are the same way in the inside. This is a theme demonstrated on page 235. "It was an ...uncomfortable feeling. Thyme Gilcrest, star student, member of the Twenty, leader in many things extracurricular, being looked at through slitted eyes like a probable delinquent." This is showing that even though Thyme is a "perfect" student, she can still be doing bad things like drug dealing. So you have to get to know someone fully before you start to judge them.

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