Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 7-Post B

This was the last section of my book and I believe it was by far the best. Throughout the whole book there were not many important events that took place but in the last few chapters so many went on. These few chapters made the book worth reading because I was going to stop reading but I thought I might as well finish and I'm glad I did. The first big event was a party Thyme went to. While at this party a ton of people were coming up to her wanting to buy pills for up $50 for a few. This made Thyme become very wanted at parties. A second events that went on was Thyme was called to the counselor's office. The counselor asked Thyme questions about the group that Thyme had been hanging out with. Thyme thought she knew that the tin with pills found was her's but ended up not bringing it up. A third event that occurred was a student at her school, Sonia Lansing committed suicide. She had overdosed on pills. She had a funeral and everyone was very sad and asked Thyme for anti-depressants. But Thyme did not sell them because that was how Sonia died. This made Thyme think that she must stop dealing. But it was a hard time to stop because more people wanted to buy pills than ever but she had to stay strong. A forth and last event that occurred was Thyme got into college, Amherst. She was so excited to start new and at a new place. During the first few days in the bathroom a girl shouts, "Does anyone have any Adderall? Ritalin? Stratera? I'll pay...fuck it, I'll pay fifty bucks a pill." (262) But Thyme new she could not keep selling and dropped hers into the toilet.

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