Thursday, January 17, 2008


RX’s Top Ten List
RX By: Tracy Lynn

1. Thyme Gilcrest
Thyme Gilcrest is the main character in the book RX by Tracy Lynn. She is a junior at Ashbury High. Thyme is in a group called The Twenty- a group for the most overachieving, good-school-bound juniors. (4) She is on student council, an honor student, and a prescription drug dealer. She is popular among all the students needing drugs and helps “cure” all their problems.
2.Ashbury High
Ashbury High is the main place the book takes place. “This high school is divided into three main groups: the rich kids, the jocks, and The Twenty.” (4) This is the place Thyme deals most of her prescription drugs, whether it’s to the hockey players, outcasts or her best friends.
3.Thyme’s parents/ their friends
The first time Thyme got her hands on prescription drugs to sell was when she took them from her boyfriend, Will. After her first case of Ritalin ran out she started taking from her parents and their friends. When their friends came over to the house, she would go into their purses and see what kinds of pills they had, Prozac, Ritalin and Vicodin were a few. The reason her parents and their friends are important is because this was her main supply of these drugs.
4.Will Torres
Will Torres is Thyme’s boyfriend. At school he is a first-class slacker and he doesn’t go out much on weekends. Will is the one that Thyme steals her first Ritalin from when she found it in his room. He is an important aspect to Thyme’s life because he is always telling her to stop dealing because it could affect her future. “I don’t want you to get caught two marking periods before you graduate.” (202)
Addiction is an important motif in this novel. The reason this is so is because you learn you can not always stop taking a drug when you want to. Thyme started taking Adderall so she could study for her tests longer. When she started taking this pill she thought she would just take them through finals but once she was done with finals she continued to need them.
Death is another important motif shown in this story. It is important because one of the students died at Ashbury High, Sonia Lansing. She had taken Zoloft, which tends to give kids suicidal thoughts, and she committed suicide. This relates to the dealing Thyme was doing because Thyme had given her prescription drugs before. This started giving Thyme ideas about quitting because it was hurting other people.
The reason college is so important is because Thyme was beginning to think she was maybe going to get caught because another student in her class had been caught dealing. If Thyme did get caught, it would lessen her chances of going to the college of her choice. In relation, college gave her a reason to quit.
8.The Parties Thyme Attended
In the beginning of the story, Thyme was not much of a party girl. Once she started dealing drugs, she got more and more into partying. She was also wanted at all of the parties because she had the hook up of prescription drugs that everyone wanted. Therefore, the parties Thyme attended gave her a boost in her social ranking and started making Thyme a different person.
9.Drug Dealing
Drug dealing was a big issue throughout RX. Thyme starting off dealing slowly by just giving a few pills to her friends. This led to more people finding out and causing her to do more dealing. This extensive amount of dealing she was doing led to her and her boyfriend getting into fights, people dying, and her reputation as a “good” student lowered. This motif shows how drug dealing can affect many things.
10.The Ending
Throughout the whole book not many events took place. But the last few chapters of the book were worth reading and each chapter leads you wanting to read more. In the last pages, important parties occur, a school mate dies, Thyme decides if she wants to keep dealing or not and Thyme gets called in the counselors office to “talk.” The ending is what made the book.

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