Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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In the first 30 pages of the memoir the reader learns about a few characters and a little bit about Frank's family.

Malachy McCourt had been in prison for three months in the beginning of the memoir after getting caught stealing a truck full of buttons. After getting out of jail he attends a Thanksgiving party where he meets Angela Sheehan and they hit it off right away. Without planning, Angela gets pregnant with Malachy's son. Getting forced to by Angela's family and cousins, the two get married. The marriage did not start off well because Malachy was a heavy drinking and did not have a job so the family had no money. Soon, Angela gets pregnant again and has Francis (Frank), their second son. Frank is the narrator of this memoir. After he is born, twins are added to the family, making it a family of six; Malachy, Angela, Malachy, Frank, Oliver and Eugene McCourt. Finally, Malachy gets a job but the family continues to struggle because whenever Malachy gets a pay check, he goes and spends it on alcohol.

Significant Quote:

“When I look back on my childhood I wonder how I survived at all.” (11)

The reason this quote is significant is because it is showing foreshadowing on how hard Frank’s life was and I am very curious to hear all about his life struggles and what he went through.

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