Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post 2

Vocabulary Words I did not know:

1. Pram (pg. 26):
a flat-bottomed, snub-nosed boat used as a fishing vessel or tender for larger vessels

2. Sacrilege (pg.18):
the violation or profanation of anything sacred or held sacred
3. Cacophony (pg.11):
harsh discordance of sound; dissonance

Figurative Language:

simile- "A mouth like a sewer, and no wonder with a father from the North" (43)

Important Quote:

"Mr. Dimino asks me about Mam and Dad and who cooks for us. I tell him we get food from Mrs. Leibowitz and Minnie MacAdorey" (43). This quote is significant because it shows that Frank's parents have not been caring for their family and the kids have to rely on the parent's friends and neighbors to get food, clean diapers and getting bathed. The reason they haven't been caring for the kids is because their seven week old daughter, Margaret just died. This is also a big event in the story because the parents have always wanted a daughter and now shes gone. The importance of having a daughter is shown through this quote, "Mam tells Minnie MacAdorey, He's in heaven over that child. He hasn't touched a drop since she was born. I should have had a little girl a long time ago" (30).

What I Want to Know More About:

"He tells us we must promise to die for Ireland" (39).

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