Saturday, February 23, 2008

Post 3

pg 57-74

One of the themes in this memoir is, religion is very important. This is shown through many areas in Angela's Ashes.

1. "Mam wipes her face on the back of her sleeve and takes the docket. She tells the mean, God bless you for your kindness" (66).
2."Try? God knows 'tis little trying you'd have for you're well known for having a kind heart..." (67).
3. "Have you no shame? When God is good and ready He'll send you your family" (73).
4."She told Malachy and me we could sit on the floor and play but to be quiet because she was going to say her prayers" (74).

Important Event:

The family gets a docket from St. Vincent de Paul to buy some things from the store so they don't starve. ---- "There will be tea, sugar, flour, milk butter and a separate docket for a bag of coal from Sutton's coal yard on the Dock Road" (66) This is important because Malachy still does not have a job and the family is living off very little.

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