Sunday, February 24, 2008

Post 4

[Finished through page 91]

Figurative Language.

1. "Man is slumped on the edge of the bed, making small crying sounds like a bird" (74).

2. "Dad says he's glad to see the spirit of Christ alive in Limerick and they tell him they don't need the likes of him with his northern accent to be telling them about Christ and he should he ashamed of himself dragging a child around like that like a common beggar, a tinker, a knacker" (75).

3. "Uncle Pa says, Frankie, this is the pint. This is the staff of life" (75).

Important Events.

Oliver and Eugene, the twin sons in the family, both pass away in this chapter.

The dad of the family, Malachy, comes home drunk once again and spends all of the dole they get (money given to them by the Labour Exchange) on alcohol.

Dear Malachy,

I just want to say that you care way to much about yourself. Your family is starving and has no income, and the little money that you get from the Labour Exchange, you go and spend on alcohol. Even on the day that your son died, you went out to the pub and got drunk. I am getting very annoyed and I feel bad for your children. When you brought in Eugene's coffin into the pub, shown on page 86 when Frankie says, "That's Eugene's coffin. I'll tell Mam you put your glass on Eugene's coffin," it make me very mad. You have to start caring more about your children and less on your drinks.

From, Your Reader

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