Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post 5

through page 112

In the beginning of chapter three, the family moves into a new house. The reason they decided to move is because Angela can't stand being in a house where her sons both died. They had to move into a house that was affordable because Malachy still didn't have a job. They all like the house, including the sons because there are two floors so they are able to move up and down the stairs. One day something terrible happens. McCourt writes, "Mam tells us there was a terrible flood, that the rain came down the lane and poured in under our door" (96). Now the four of them, Malachy, Angela, Malachy Jr. and Frank, are living on the top floor of the house. Soon Christmas comes and the family is in a little better mood. Sadly, they still have no money so have to go get dockets to get free food. The only food they were able to get was a pig's head, which all of the neighbors made fun of because they all have big meals. Eventually, another new baby is brought into the family, Michael. Towards the end of the chapter, Malachy gets a job, finally! He is working at a cement factory until one night he doesn't come home with his first pay check and goes and spends it at the pub. He then losses his job and they are back at making no money at all besides the charitable money they receive.

After getting this far in the memoir, I am liking it a lot. The author includes good detail and creates a lot of imagery. I still dislike the father, even more now after he spend his money from the new job at the pubs.

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