Sunday, March 23, 2008

Post 11

chapters 10, 11, and 12
Important Events with supporting quotes--

1. Angela is very sick and she goes to the hospital. The kids have to go stay at their aunt's house. "You can't. You can't. She has the disease. We all have the disease. It might be the typhoid. It might be the galloping consumption" (240).

2.Their dad comes home to visit and then when he leaves, he sends back money. But it was the last time he did so. "The next Saturday there's no telegram nor the Saturday after not any Saturday forever" (249).
3.Angela turns into a "beggar" in order to get food. "My mother is a beggar now and if anyone from the lane or my school sees her the family will be disgraced entirely" (250).

4. Frank gets a job helping his neighbor, Mr. Hannon, deliver coal. He has the job and is earning money for the family Mr. Hannon has to go to the hospital because his legs are hurt. "Your little Frankie is a godsend to John for 'tis the climbing up and down on that float that was running his legs entirely" (262).

5. Dad comes home for Christmas and still has no money for the family. "You drank the money, Dad" (270).

6. Angela, Frank, Malachy Jr., Micheal and Alphie all have to leave their house because they can't afford rent. "Grandma says, Well, I don't have room for ye but your cousin, Gerard Griffin, is living out the Rosbrien Road in that little house of his mother's and he's surely be able to take ye in till better times come" (277).

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