Monday, March 24, 2008

Post 12

I decided to put on a few different pictures that I believe relate to chapters 13 and 14 (pages 284 through 308)
The bike represents the bike that Frank wanted to borrow from Laman Griffin for a cycling trip the boys from his class are taking to Killaloe. To order to be able to borrow the bike, Frank has to empty the bathroom pot. His empties it for weeks and one week if forgot to because he was at school so Laman took back his promise and did not let Frank borrow the bike. This infuriated Frank.

Laman always asked Frank to get books for him from the library since Frank was living in his house. One day he went and it started raining before he left so the librarian said he could stay and read for awhile. Ever since that day, Frank has loved reading at the library and has gotten very smart.

This picture of the priest represents the job that everyone wants Frank to have. Frank is a very smart boy and went he goes to the library he reads a book on saints. Therefore, his teacher, the librarian and his mother believe it would be a great job for him.

This fist represents why Frank ran away from Laman's house and away from his family. One night when Laman was drunk and noticed that Frank had not emptied the bathroom pot, he started yelling at him and hurting him so Frank left.

After Frank ran away, he went and stayed with his Uncle Ab. He is living with him now and sleeps in the bed that his grandma used to sleep in before she died. He doesn't get much food here because Ab doesn't have a lot of money to give him much so he has to steal food off the rich people's patio.

Frank decides to get a job as a telegram boy at the post office. He wants to make a lot of money and be able to support his family.


E M M A W. said...

Jennifer, the pictures really spiced things up! Seirously though I really like the different fonts and pictures- it really adds alot.

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